What is Carbon Net-Zero?

Carbon net zero for investors and commercial asset owners

The growing demand of climate-conscious consumers is pushing the building industry to develop ‘carbon-neutral’ properties that use renewable energy sources for power, heating and cooling. Investors and commercial asset owners are looking for ways to mitigate their carbon emissions.

Carbon-neutral buildings are more efficient, use less water and generate less waste. These improvements can be achieved by using materials that require less energy to produce and install, as well as by designing buildings with improved thermal performance.

Creating a pathway to Carbon Net-Zero

Report: Identify the steps for reducing both direct and indirect emissions. Place a high priority on ESG throughout the life cycle of your investment.

Implement: Create a business case for climate strategy and understand the effects on your business/asset.  Engage a consultant to ensure that all ESG-related projects themselves are undertaken in an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable way.

Measure: Create an annual, ongoing process for measuring and monitoring greenhouse gas emissions. Implement a reporting platform which enables benching marking.

Improve: Drive continuous improvement by engaging with occupiers, staff, and customers. Establish an ongoing review process that assesses climate ambition and carbon reduction potential.

The Evia promise is to deliver all our services through a sustainability lens, taking a holistic view of the asset or portfolio. We are leading Ireland’s real estate on the journey to zero carbon. Talk to us today about your journey.