About Us

At Evia, we merge our property expertise with a deep commitment to environmental leadership, ensuring the protection and enhancement of real estate assets. As a leading sustainability consultancy firm, Evia specialises in the analysis of environmental data, devising comprehensive strategies, and executing initiatives tailored to enhance the environmental performance of commercial real estate.

In an era where achieving net-zero emissions is imperative, Evia provides data-driven insights to guide your sustainability journey. Our dedicated team of specialists accompanies you every step of the way, bridging the gap between your current position and your desired sustainability goals.

Established in 2019 as a sister company of Bannon, a distinguished property consultancy firm, Evia was founded on a passion for sustainability and a commitment to supporting the commercial property sector amidst evolving regulatory landscapes. With a wealth of data showcasing patterns, trends, and the advantages of sustainable practices, Evia offers tailored, compliant, and cost-effective solutions that align with the realities of property ownership, considering factors such as lease profiles, building values, lender requirements, and occupier preferences.

The Evia promise is simple yet profound: to deliver all our services through a sustainability lens, providing a holistic perspective that ensures certainty, compliance, protection, and value enhancement for your assets. We achieve this through our three key concepts:


Leveraging cutting-edge technology and expertise to conduct in-depth analysis of environmental data, providing invaluable insights into the environmental performance of real estate assets.


Developing bespoke sustainability strategies tailored to meet your objectives, informed by our comprehensive data analysis and industry-leading expertise.


Implementing sustainable initiatives and executing ESG Pathway projects with precision and efficiency, utilising innovative approaches and technologies to maximize impact and drive positive environmental change.