Congratulations to Ben Harris on achieving his certification as a Fitwel Ambassador for Evia Sustainable Real Estate. Fitwel® is a people-centric real estate certification platform committed to building health for all. Generated by expert analysis of 7,000+ academic research studies, Fitwel is implementing a vision for a healthier future where all buildings and communities are enhanced to strengthen health […]

Day 1 30 November 2023 Day one of the COP28 climate summit saw the first big breakthrough: agreement on a “loss and damage” fund to compensate poor states for the effects of climate change. The agreement means wealthy states and major polluters will put millions of dollars towards a fund that will in turn distribute […]

The United Nations (UN) annual climate change conference, also known as the ‘Conference of the Parties’ or ‘COP’, brings together world leaders, ministers, and negotiators to agree on how to address climate change. Since 1995, almost every member nation on Earth has come together in a different country each year, except for 2020. The UN […]

  We are all familiar with the wider requirements for ESG compliance including improved sustainable real estate. Solar PV is considered a Sustainable Solution. Solar PV can benefit your real estate asset through; Reduced operating costs. Protecting your business against future price changes. Gain Green Business Credentials. Marketing your Green Initiatives. Reduce CO2 Emissions. However, […]

NABERS UK is an adaptation of the highly successful rating programme NABERS that operates in Australia. Launched in 1999, NABERS is widely considered to be a world-leading environmental performance rating tool for commercial buildings.

Energy for offices measures the energy efficiency of an operational office building based on metered data and rates its performance. Offices can be rated in three ways…

BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology. Developed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in 1990, BREEAM evaluates a building’s environmental performance across a range of categories: Energy efficiency Water management Waste reduction How? Assessments are carried out by independent assessors who evaluate the building’s Design Construction Operation The assessment process considers factors such […]

It is crucial to prioritise and establish a comprehensive water conservation strategy for any asset. Some factors to consider include: How much water are we using and for what? Are conservation measures in place? Are there any leaks? Have we a Water Strategy and Water Management Plan with goals? The primary water conservation objective of […]

Animal populations have experienced an average decline of almost 70% since 1970. This was a result of human actions, mostly in development and agriculture. These actions have led us to an era in which ecosystems are suffering losses that affect us, humans, too. Deforestation, for instance, is one of the culprits in accelerating climate change. […]

Carbon offsetting is becoming more popular, especially with companies who are passionate about protecting our planet. It’s also growing in popularity because it allows companies to make money from their efforts to reduce emissions. But is all this good news for the environment? The idea behind carbon offsetting is simple: if you emit a lot […]