Not addressing the sustainability requirements of your stakeholders is a threat to the future of your assets. Lenders will not lend if your asset does not meet green credentials. Occupiers will not rent if the unit does not meet their sustainable benchmarks. Investors will only invest in an asset that meets ESG criteria or has a pathway to achieving it. Protection and enhancement of the value of Real Estate assets requires Owners to satisfy the needs of lenders, capital partners, occupiers and all stakeholders.

Working in partnership with you, the Evia team will guide and support you to protect and future-proof the value of your asset. As a sister company of the long-established property consultancy firm Bannon, we are property industry people. We know the complexities of valuing, selling, buying, de-risking and managing commercial real estate. We understand the complexity associated with the implementation of sustainability measures in property leased to or from third parties. We marry this understanding with our technical sustainability skillset to guide and support our clients on their sustainability journey.

ESG refers to a set of criteria used by investors, stakeholders, and businesses to assess sustainability, ethical impact, risks and overall performance, beyond traditional financial metrics. Excelling in ESG results in managing long-term risks and seizing opportunities, leading to financial, social, and environmental benefits. Investment in ESG contributes to positive outcomes such as lower carbon emissions, better working conditions, and increased community engagement. EU & Irish legislation is setting strong requirements that buildings and businesses need to be sustainable. Work with Evia to tangibly meet these expectations and protect the value of your commercial real estate asset.